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Every shape and size

It’s almost impossible to be confident with your body these days, when the image of the “perfect” body is constantly being pushed in every woman’s face. Diet plans advertised on TV imply that smaller is better, clothing stores only carry a certain amount of sizes, and photo-shopped images are all over social media. If women don’t start to advocate for body positivity and self care, the young women of the younger generation won’t know what it’s like to have any confidence in themselves.

Instead of young women being educated on what a natural, normal body looks like, they’re exposed to what plastic surgery and Photoshop looks like. Whether some women want to admit it or not, stretch marks, cellulite, and extra curves in certain places are completely natural and normal. The sad thing is, sometimes it’s not only men body shaming women, women can be just as guilty. Hearing people say, “Oh she’s way too skinny, eat a cheeseburger”, is JUST as horrible as saying, “She’s so fat, go on a diet.” Let people love themselves! Everyone has their own unique body type, the “perfect” body does not exist.

If you’re like me and struggle sometimes with your body image, make sure you’re practicing self-care every single day. Be kind to yourself. Instead of saying “my legs are huge and chubby” replace it with, “my legs are strong.” On the days you maybe don’t feel as pretty, tell yourself in the mirror, ” I am smart, I am strong and I am just as beautiful today as I was yesterday.” Perfect does NOT exist, so stop comparing yourself.


Watching Sports

There has been much discussion whether watching sports on TV is destroying kids interests in the game or making them more lazy. People may think that just watching the sports satisfies the kids enough that they don’t feel the need to play it.

In my opinion, there is no way watching sports is bad for kids. For the kids who play the sport, it gives them people to look up to and strive to be. In my high school, our coach would email us videos of players to watch to try to mirror our swings to. I think that is a great tool to have. It also gives us things to look for in the game that we may not have thought of doing.

Another reason why it is good for kids to watch sports is that it may spark interest for them to actually get out and play the sport. Kids are always influenced by something and why wouldn’t you want a great thing like sports to influence your kid. For example, when I was a kid I use to watch hockey every single day. Where we lived, there were no hockey teams to play for so watching the professionals pay was the next best thing. Eventually I got on a team and played hockey for three years before discovering baseball. Without ever seeing hockey on TV, I would have never discovered the game at that age.

And finally, another great reason why sports should always be on tv is because it is a definite steps reliever for many people. Without watching sports, I can tell you I would be much more stressed!

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Character Creation

As an artist, character creation is one of my favorite things to do but it is also the most complicated. Basically you are making someone from scratch; their style, their backstory, their likes, their dislikes. It can be overwhelming, but also a very fun process. For me I like to start with the basics.

“Think about the meaning of the word ‘character’. You’re supposed to breath life into these things, make them appealing and give them the magic that will allow people to imagine what they’re like to meet and how they might move.” –Neil McFarland
Forget the name, nobody comes up with a name for their character immediately, and if you do, then it may not even fit your character later so don’t even try. Design is also something that usually comes later but I’ve found that I enjoy drawing my characters early and seeing their process as I develop them more. Interesting looks alone do not necessarily make for a good character; its personality is key as well. A character’s personality can be revealed through their interactions, where we see how it reacts to certain situations. The personality of your character doesn’t have to be particularly agreeable, but it does need to be interesting (unless your characters is purposely dull).

The driving force behind a character’s personality is what it wants to achieve. Too often, the incompleteness or flaws in a character are what make it interesting. Personally I prefer character that have that major flaw in their lives that constantly make them question themselves. Those are the kinds of characters I can relate to and the kind that I want to see.
Even if you don’t plan on telling it, developing its back story is important. Where it comes from, how it came to exist and any life-changing events it has experienced are going to help back up the solidity of, and subsequent belief in, your character, and will also influence how your character thinks. And sometimes the telling of a character’s back story can be more interesting than the character’s present adventures.
Something I now found helpful when designing a character is taking personality tests as if I was one of them. Personality tests, though fun and a great time passer, also tells us a lot about ourselves. And taking one as your character can tell you things about them maybe you haven’t thought of yet. Taking the 16 Personalities Test I recently discovered my character was an entrepreneur, same as Bruce Willis and D’Artagnan of the Three Musketeers – actually very fitting for my character.

Also, looking at a list of character traits can help as well. Character traits are all the aspects of a person’s behavior and attitudes that make up that person’s personality. Everyone has character traits, both good and bad. Character traits are often shown with descriptive adjectives, like patient, unfaithful, or jealously. You can go through the whole list and pick ones you know your character has and maybe get ideas for others.

Thinking through all of this you should have a pretty good idea of what your character is like. And designing them around their personality should help influence that. But your character can also keep growing. As we live and experience new things, we like to put that into our stories and our characters. That is one of the things that make some characters so special, when we can relate and share with them.
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I can’t believe it, my freshmen year of college is coming to an end. All the anticipation building up throughout high school has led to this point, and I can’t believe it went by so fast. I blinked and boom, it’s finals week. This year was full of accepting the fact that high school relationships don’t last forever, it’s okay to fail sometimes and taking your own path is more beneficial than trying to please everyone.

Besides adjusting to the work load, it took months for me to feel comfortable in this entirely new environment. Walking into rooms full of strangers on the first day was nothing short of uncomfortable. Even though I was a social butterfly all throughout high school, it was extremely difficult for me to come out of my shell this year for some reason. As I slowly began to develop relationships with some of my classmates, the transition was so much easier.

As the spring semester comes to a close, I am confident in saying that the relationships I built over the last few months are stronger and more dependable than friendships that I’ve had for years. With that said, I’m curious to see what my sophomore year has in store. So far, college is opening up doors for me that I didn’t know were accessible.


Color Pop

These past few weeks have been extremely stressful for me.

However, I have had the chance to create some awesome artwork for some of the different classes that I’m in. This past week for photography class our project was to create a concept and series of photos that involve the use of color powder in some sort of way.

Many artists nowadays are utilizing this material because of the interesting affects it has when thrown in the air or when it makes contact with

This image is just one of the many examples that uses color powder effectively. There are also many websites out there that can give the viewer a better idea of different uses of color powder. It gives a bright, dynamic feel to an image and captivates the audience as soon as it is viewed. A lot of times in photography there can be “happy accidents” which are areas of an image that turn out beautiful or interesting even though it wasn’t planned from the get go.

art These images can also be emotionally appealing to the viewer as well. For the image above it can give the viewer a sense of fear or anxiety because the smoke from the powder is giving off the affect that it is choking this person. There are just so many ways to add interest to your composition with this neat, vibrant powder.

Hairstylist Problems

Dear clients,

Yes, I am young and I’m a hairstylist. No, this does not mean I’m not as good as an older hairstylist. I learned the same things they did when they were in school, I just did my schooling earlier.

I understand your attachment to your hair, but if you want me to cut off ALL of your dead ends, I’m going to need to take more off than just a half inch. Also, I’m sorry, but there is no possible way of giving you just three layers.
three layers

As a tip when you come in with children, please do not let them run rouge around the salon. We are not responsible for any accidents that happen to them, and if they are getting their hair cut, please, try to help us out as much as you can. As much as you may think we do, we don’t enjoy the snips our hands catch instead of the hair on their head.

Finally, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I cannot take you from a black box dye to a blonde bombshell in one day for under $130. It’s just not possible. Yes, some hairstylists may tell you it is and if you don’t believe me, go to them, but don’t come back to me wondering what went wrong when your hair is orange and fried. What you pay is what you get.

cheap hair

Thank you for understanding,
Every hairstylist in the world

Being a hairstylist myself, these are struggles I come across occasionally. Yes, it can be difficult sometimes, but hair is my passion. The whole point of being a hairstylist is about educating others on their hair. Letting them know the “dos and the don’ts” when it comes to their hair, because everyone’s hair is different. But, most importantly, our job is to make sure our clients feel better about themselves when they get out of our seats. There’s a saying that goes around salons that when you get your license in cosmetology, you also get your license as a therapist. This could not be any truer. Yes, our job is about making them feel better about their self-image. Showing them what they can do to love themselves more. But, that also sometimes comes with lending an ear and just listening to what they have on their mind. That’s where the relationship building happens. That’s how you get a clientele.
underpaid therapist

Being a hairstylist isn’t easy, but when you have the passion for it, anything is easy to overcome. So, I’m going to challenge you to find your passion. It may be difficult at first, and it may have its ups and downs but if you love doing it, then go for it!

History Removed War Memorial Threatened

 Memorial Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana designed to be a war memorial installed in 1924 to commemorate World War I is slated to become an athletic facilitiy for Indiana Tech College.
A public meeting is planned: information provided by the society for Architecture and Community Heritage (ARCH) Fort Wayne.
Public Meeting: Memorial Park Proposals
Fort Wayne, Ind–The Board of Park Commissioners invites the community to attend a public meeting to review proposals for the partnership with Indiana Tech to construct a new track and field facility, softball stadium, and athletic training and office facility in Memorial Park. Plans to relocate memorials within the park will also be discussed.
The meeting will be held at
6:30 pm, Thursday, May 4
at the Memorial Park Pavilion,
2301 Maumee Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana
“History: Memorial Park is a tribute to the men and women of Fort Wayne and Allen County who gave their lives in service of their country during World War I. The land that was formerly known as the “golf grounds” and that would later be Memorial Park was acquired from Ms. Minnie Hill White on November 29, 1918, only eighteen days after the signing of the armistice that ended the conflict. Known for several beautifully sculpted monuments commemorating various participants and events in the conflict, it also includes a monument to aviation pioneer, originator of skywriting and Fort Wayne resident Art Smith. Smith Field Airport would later be renamed in his honor.” – Fort Wayne Parks Department
 Indiana Tech announced that it plans to spend an estimated $6.4 million in the park to replace its current ball diamond with a 350-seat college women’s softball stadium and build a new track-and-field complex and a new athletics training building within the historic park.
Who is?

Art “Birdboy” Smith

Excerpts from “The Smash-Up Kid”, Traces, a publication of the Indiana Historical Society, Fall, 1998. Article written by Rachel Sherwood Roberts.

“In 1910, only six and a half years since Orville and Wilbur Wright had first flown their machine, American aviation was still mostly a matter of experimentation by single individuals. No one knew about airports, control towers, or radar. But Art Smith was fascinated with flight and determined to figure out how to make a machine and fly in it.

At his home in Fort Wayne, he collected all the books and magazine articles on aeronautics that he could find. From the resources he could gather, Art learned about aircraft construction, designs, and patents. At night he’d pour over his books and study how to build a flying machine. He believed he could build a plane that would fly better than the Wright brothers’ airplane, and as he worked on his design, he was careful to avoid infringing on their patents.

He built models of airplanes using sticks and rubber bands. When asked, he said he figured he would need $1,756.60 for materials – if he did the work himself. With his parents’ financial backing, 20 year old Art quit his job and devoted himself to pursuing his dream.

It took Art and a friend 6 months to build the plane and the night they finished they moved the plane through the streets of Fort Wayne to a field in what is now Memorial Park. The next morning Art tested the flying machine. The plane reached almost fifty miles per hour before leaving the ground. Suddenly it rose alarmingly, dipped, rose again and crashed. Art was thrown onto the frozen ground and badly injured. The plane was ruined, except for the engine.”

On October 22, 1911 Art Smith attempted to fly from Fort Wayne to New Haven. After that flight and exhibitions later, that month he was nicknamed “Bird Boy.”

“Bird Boy” served in the military as a flight instructor teaching others about flying machines and contributing greatly to the war effort.  He died at the age of 32 while operating his mail plane.  Smith Field Airport in Fort Wayne bears his name.


The Spirit of Flight, James Novelli, 1928, Memorial Park, Bronze, Sculpture was created within memorial park to commemorate Art “Bird Boy” Smith’s contributions to flight and the war effort.

This statue is slated to be moved to make way for a softball stadium.


The Spirit of Flight


Photo by DA Baker

Moving historic sculptures places them at risk for damage.  According to Joesph Sambrat Owner of Conservation Solutions “Regarding the moving of these monuments, you are correct in being concerned. We have disassembled and moved several monuments and there is always an inherent risk in the process. In order to reduce risks, the project requires a team of knowledgeable individuals with experience in this area. We typically work with structural engineers with experience in heritage preservation, riggers who have done this work before, and our staff of conservators. The monument needs to be studied to determine how it was erected initially and to understand the current condition on the materials because they now may not possess the same qualities as when they were new. This information is then compiled into a plan which would synthesize the information gathered by the various team members. If the work is being performed by the team, then it could be handled as a design-build contract and biddable specifications would not be needed. If it has to be competitively bid, then specifications would have to be written detailing the methods and materials to be used for the move and a set of qualifications for awardee to ensure that it is only awarded to a qualified firm.”

The other concern is with the institution attempting to develop the land.  Indiana Tech community college recently completed another project in Fort Wayne.  They built a law school in 2013 and closed that school just 4 years later:

Will Indiana Tech once again develop land unnecessarily endangering historic monuments in the process only to abandon it later?

Please call prior to May 4th 2017 if you can’t attend the meeting.

Park Board Commissioners :
Richard Samek, President (260) 423-9411
Pamela Kelly, M.D., Vice President, Unlisted
William Zielke (260) 203-5744
Justin Shurley (260) 407-2808

Additional information can be found here


Career Choices

Ever since I was a young kid, I knew I wanted to go into the business world. Anything from cars to clothes really caught my eye and I was always interested in everything. Having my father as a car dealer really helped me to realize what a great thing owning your own business was and show respect to others while doing it. From an early age I was always taught about money and how to make a lot of it fast. Although car sales may or may not be what I want to do with the rest of my life, it has given me the expertise to take the knowledge into whatever part of the business world I go into and I am forever grateful for that.

A career choice of mine that really interests me is sports management.

sports management

I was always taught that no matter what goes on around you, sports will always be there and it will be your outlet for emotion and stress. That is one of the main reasons I chose to major in sports management here at Saint Francis. I think it is a rapidly growing industry and will definitely be there for a long time. I plan on working in the front office of a major or minor league professional team, no specific sport. I also plan to work my way up to the top and not be satisfied until I do. Although this is a tough thing to accomplish, the reward is worth it. But with that being said, as of right now that isn’t my dream job.

My dream job would be to take over my Dad’s New/Used car lot in Defiance Ohio someday. Ever since I could remember I dreamed about owning the car lot that he built from the ground up someday and make it my own. When I was little I had a ton of toy cars and set up a car lot in our great room and hours on hours I would play, selling the cars to make believe customers until my dad got home from work. I knew, and my Dad knew, this would be what I would do someday.

All the World’s (Possibly) A Stage

Once Upon a Time, there was a girl who invested every ounce of free-time she possessed, into the stage. That girl, was me.

Here’s the thing, I played softball, and volleyball, and would make time for friends, but nothing compared to the amount of time I invested into singing, dancing, and rehearsing lines  for potential parts. Theatre held a place in my heart that nothing could ever compare to replace.

I started being a Broadway Baby at the age of 5 and 3/4. I remember telling my first ever director that I wanted to be Gretl in the Sound of Music, and she just so happened to be five in the script, so it was a win-win. The Sound of Music taught me how to be more outgoing, embrace who I was as a person through facial expressions, and confidence, and was overall a wonderful experience.

As I got older, I had to put more effort into other things. I was playing soccer, and taking dance, and doing shows. There was never a dull moment, but I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Once high school hit though, that was when I realized that dropping everything for theatre was what I wanted to do. I neglected try-outs, and became less involved in the club sports that I had been a part of for so long. Everything started to revolve around theatre.crucible

My favorite shows were my junior and senior years, I was blessed enough to play Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof, Wendy in Peter Pan, Lady Larkin in Once Upon a Mattress, and Abigail Williams in the Crucible. These roles taught me how to access parts of my personality I didn’t even know existed. It made me so much more confident, and I was ready for anything life threw my way.
ouam cast


Theatre taught me so much about myself, about people around me, and about life in general. It became my life and my source of happiness, and my escape. I would recommend theatre to anyone, forever and ever. Because who wouldn’t want to be the star of a show?

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