Forgiving someone is hard. It’s hard to forgive someone for something as small as taking something that belongs to you, but how hard would it be to forgive someone for taking 11 years away from you? Especially if you spent those 11 years locked up in prison. This is what happened in Ronald Cotton’s case. In 1984 Jennifer Thompson-Canino chose Ronald out of a police line up of men as her rapist. But she made a mistake. Ronald wasn’t that man who committed the horrible act on Jennifer, he was innocent. After spending 11 years in prison new DNA evidence from the case came about that showed that Ronald was an innocent man. How was he ever going to forgive Jennifer? This woman sent him to jail for 11 years of his life, that’s 11 years he missed with his family he missed seeing his children grow up, and missed his girlfriend. But it took less time than most people would have expected for Ronald to forgive Jennifer, to him she was just a young woman who was in pain and he knew holding onto the anger he had wasn’t going to make the situation for either of them. That day Ronald chose forgiveness. Forgiveness was the only way for Jennifer and Ronald to move on with their lives. Holding hatred and anger in your heart isn’t going to change anything. He’d already spent those 11 years in jail. So he chose to forgive her and let it all go. Forgiveness is freedom.some_text