Freedom WritersNPR, which Donald Trump is probably going to shutdown, used to do this little segment called the “This I Believe” essay. ‘This I Believe” is a short essay that people use to share their opinions on a certain topic using real life examples. One that spoke to me the most was written by an English Professor from Alabama. I find it most effective to read the words she wrote, as well as  listen to her say the words herself. Jone’s words  reminded of a movie which I adore: “The Freedom Writers.” I remember watching this movie and obtaining so much respect for teachers and professors in places where the kids may not want to be motivated to do well. In the words of my Jewish grandmother, “It takes a lot of chutzpah for someone to sacrifice everything for the benefit of others.” I appreciate people who put their wants and needs aside for others, and although this essay was written by Kendra Jones in 2009, it’s still just as relevant as the Freedom Writers, which is from 2007.  Kendra Jones teaches in a community where the students may not be as equipped or willing to learn as they are here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jones also discussed the importance of being both strong willed and physically strong. I think strength and guidance are the most important components to growing up and properly making a name for oneself, and a lot of the time, the people who shape and guide you the most are your teachers. A good teacher can make even the worst student a little bit better.