Reading Hillary Kambour’s “This I believe” essay called “The Freedom of Baseball” leaves the reader feeling motivated about life and baseball in general. At first glance this essay immediately grabbed my attention. It might have been the interesting title or maybe it was the synopsis of the essay. Either way, I was intrigued.

Kambour talks about how watching baseball is a almost like having a relationship. The viewer watches the game and experiences emotions left and right. Anxiety, tension, relief, happiness, and many others are involved in this game. To feel these emotions along with the players reels you into every movement and aspect of the game. I relate to this essay because I play softball and experience these emotions every time I step on to the field.

baseball celebration
Kambour explains that watching this game for the few hours that it’s on allows a person to not feel guilty about allowing yourself to dive into the full extent of these emotions. It’s hard to fully express yourself when you’re at work and have to follow protocol. Even out in public many people put up a front so that no one judges you. When I play, it is my time to focus solely on the game and forget about my problems. It doesn’t matter what the public sees. The only thing that matters is that you put your heart and 100 percent effort into each play.