Being a college student is hard, and I don’t know about you, but when I come across an essay that I can fully understand and connect with, it’s a miracle! A This I Believe essay titled “Love on Four Feet” written by Sarah Culp, does exactly that, all while representing a meaningful message. This essay tells a story about her being a college student and the everyday struggles one faces. She also talks about her relationship with her cat, one that she originally didn’t want. She describes him in such detail that you can almost reach out and pet him. She continues telling how she gets home from college and that exact cat that she didn’t want, wanted all the attention he could get from her. He loved her unconditionally, and that is her message. That true love, no matter what is going on in your life, is loyal and unconditional and will always help pick up the pieces of what may seem like a broken life.
Main Coon Cat in Laundry

Not only did I like this essay because of the simple word choices and the varying sentence structure used that made it able to follow better, but it also had a message that I, as a struggling college student and a mother of three fur babies, could connect to so well. Being a college student is hard and I often find myself struggling to think it’s worth it, but it’s reminders like this that keep me going.