Growing up, all throughout your life, you hear “do whatever you can because one day you might not get the chance to do so.” YOLO. You only live once. Living day by day. Doing the most while you can. Taking every chance and opportunity like it is the last. Why not take it while it is there? Nancy Yicius stated that she was taught to live the life she was given, with no regrets. You never know what tomorrow could bring. Every day you are taking a chance to either do something or not. That is your own choice and decision.  Yicius strongly believed in taking chances. She stated how she was her cities first licensed female pilot. Raised three girls. And helped her dad build her retirement house. Day after day you may begin to think that you are too busy for your life. One day you might not have that chance and opportunity so you mine as well take that chance now. YOLO.