Who doesn’t love a good plate of food? Who wouldn’t love having a job where you went around and tasted some of the best food you’ve ever had and then wrote a review on it? That’s what a food reviewer does. Food reviewers go around and try new and bold foods and then let everyone else know about their experiences with the food. Having that kind of job would be absolutely enthralling to me. Trying new things scares me but to be able to write about my experiences with all of these new and exciting things would be amazing, especially knowing that my opinion matters to the people who read the articles.


Some food reviewers are given special, background access to some places so they are able to see how the food is made and what is in the food. Writing about the foods you tasted could be hard when you’re first coming out because people may not trust your opinion yet and describing what you felt and tasted could be difficult. But if you are able to describe the food you had at a certain restaurant, then you could become popular.

When you become a food critic, especially if you become a famous critic, the job could become very stressful. The weight of your words about the atmosphere and food could make or even break a restaurant.

Being a food critic would be a very interesting job to have, especially if you’re a person who enjoys living an adventurous life and wants to try new things while doing things they enjoy and letting others hear about their experiences.