The panel consisting of Yvonne Shroeder, Steve Clark, and Andie Mosley was overall very eye opening to me. The topic that was most interesting was how each members of the panel explained how they manage to find strangers and get them to open up so easily. The talked about how it’s better question people with more open ended answers instead of a direct yes or no. Sometimes people don’t always know how to continue their response after saying “yes” or “no.”

Clark especially talked about how he found it captivating to find stories and approach them in a way that is unexpected. If I ever became a writer in the future this would be the way I would try to approach stories as well. It is better to find a story that no one would think to write about because then once you share this information with the public they are then inspired to possibly go out and find an idea about this as well.communicate
Overall I thought that the panel worked very well together. They bounced different ideas off one another and then elaborated on these as well as providing their own thoughts and experiences. They each touched on what writing meant to them and just how important it is to connect and network even in the simplest of situations.