Yvonne Schroeder truly caught my attention with her interview on Tuesday. Her bubbly personality really set the tone as she was the first of three to start off the meeting with the University of Saint Francis Writing for the Media class. Yvonne talked about her graphic journey to get where she is today. A few things that caught my attention with her talk about her background was she never gave up on what she wanted to do. She had a goal of being a writer for a large, local newspaper and she wasn’t going to stop until she got there. Once she got there, she took on all the obstacles her company threw at her and performed them the best she could. I admire her resilience and her willingness to try new things. Another fun thing I learned about Yvonne is that she is from the lake area around Angola. This is interesting to me because I too have a lake house around Angola on Clear Lake. We instantly connected with this and I felt like I knew her before the interview had started. All of the members of the panel did an outstanding job, but Yvonne Schroeder really stood out the most to me.