Yesterday while listening to our guest speakers, there was no specific topic that caught my attention the most. Honestly being able to hear everyone’s story to getting to where they are today was good information for me. Everyone’s  path is different, and it’s always good to learn different routes to take in life, especially from people with similar backgrounds. As a communication major there are so many different careers I can go into. One thing that I noticed yesterday was both Steve and Andie had internship affiliated with careers they were looking to go into. I thought it was pretty cool when Steve explained how he started out providing information for news journalist and ended up becoming the guy who sorts out the information into a more presentable way for news articles. Andie talked on how she gave her company advice on making a Twitter account. She explained how to always keep an open mind and express your thoughts when the opportunity comes. Don’t have the mindset that you can’t have a say so just because you are an intern. The two of them gave me the idea to start reaching out to pharmaceutical companies for internships.