Ms. Yvonne Schroeder was the first to arrive.  Ms. Schroeder is an experienced journalist with a career spanning 30 years and counting.  She looked youthful, her personality shone through her kind and engaging smile.

“Do you feel compelled to write?”

The question was telling, for Ms. Schroeder, writing is as natural as breathing.

At that moment the other two panelists arrived.  The first Andie Mosley, a grant writer, is at the beginning of her career.  And the second Steve Clark, a newspaper reporter, is just starting to get established.  The following is their advice on writing and journalism.


Advice on Writing

How to Ask A Good Question?

  • Don’t pigeon hole a person with your preconceived notion.  Allow the person to tell their own story.
  • Trust your instincts and curiosity, if you want to know something, it’s likely your reader will as well.
  • Brainstorm ideas and research your person.   Ask open ended questions but prepare until you get established.
  • Once you are experienced you will come up with a formula and style.

Writers Block!

  • A change of scenery can help to get your creativity flowing.
  • Music without lyrics can transport you.
  • Be stubborn write something then write it again editing until it’s right.

What is the hardest part about being a journalist?

  • When you are overwhelmed with the amount of work.
  • When your supervisor assumes you have a skill that you don’t possess.

The panel collectively decided that adversity is an important learning tool. Ms. Schroeder said “Stress can refine you, it helps you to self-elevate.  Being a lifelong learner advances your career and your worth.”

Steve Clark is grateful for the opportunity to stay curious and do what he loves.  He believes that the best part of reporting is getting to know people and hear their amazing stories.  And of course, the sports writing is awesome for a sports fan. He opened a twitter account to connect with more readers, “I’m always looking for ways to contribute more.”.

Andie Mosley said that she was honest with her employer when it came to her long-term goals.  As a result, her employer is encouraging those goals through mentorship.  Andie is not an outgoing person by nature and relies heavily on her support system.  She suggests that a person just starting out begin with a good support system.  Her system is made up of friends, co-workers, family members, internship connections and former professors.

Build Bridges Of Trust To Traverse Throughout Your Career.

Stay Healthy And Well Rested.

Embrace Changes And Challenges.

Make Time To Meet New People And Form New Connections.

Yvonne Schroeder
Yvonne Schroeder is a freelance journalist who resides in Auburn, Indiana.

Steven Clark
Steve Clark is a reporter for the Huntington County  Tab in Huntington, Indiana

Andie MosleyAndie Mosley is a Grant Writer for the AWS Foundation