With 50 million online views, the Air New Zealand safety video campaign has really taken off.


Airports are a pain. Frustration sets in before we even board our flights.  Safety videos are just one more hassle for frequent fliers.  Or they were until Air New Zealand made them awesome!

These innovative safety videos come in many forms we will start with a classic, Betty White.


Air New Zealand videos promote films, tourism, safety, and the airline.

Filmed in New Zealand, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were reworked into an “epic” safety video.  This was a clever move, as it attracted fans of the films and books.


The campaign is effective for the following reasons.

  • Free to consumers internet-based platform (Youtube)
  • Brimming with pop culture references and humor
  • Professionally produced content

Advertising videos are usually created jointly with Film Producers and New Zealand Tourism boards sharing the production costs and the exposure.

The campaign changes frequently; a new video is released every 6 months, and followers eagerly await the latest offering.  Like this corny gem filmed at Warner Brothers Studio.


And this tourism focused video that shows off the native peoples and lands.

Now to save for a trip to New Zealand!