One social media campaign that I have been following for quite a while now is BuzzFeed Video’s Facebook. BuzzFeed is a media company that provides social news and important information while still being relatable and entertaining. BuzzFeed is such a large entertaining company that they must have multiple Facebooks for each different category the internet could come up with. I just personally like the BuzzFeed Video’s Facebook because I feel that it engages more senses in the audience.

BuzzFeed Videos Facebook is a superb social media campaign based off the fact that they stay up to date. Every day they post something new, whether that be the video I watched last night of guys wearing boob weights for a day or an even more relatable video on a 12 things you actually learned while in college. Even though some of their posts seem random and off topic, they are the kind of videos that you just have to keep watching.

Dinosaur Anti-Trump Protest
I honestly don’t think I would change anything about BuzzFeed Video’s Facebook account. They are fantastic on keeping things relative to their target audience and stay up to date with real world problems, such as this article they posted about a dinosaur anti-trump protest.

Whatever the subject is, it’s always relatable and entertaining, keeping their audience engaged and focused on the point they are trying to get across.