When I think of a great Twitter, the first account that comes to mind is the Chicago Cubs. Cubs Day in and day out, they continue to impress fans in a number of ways. The first great aspect of it is that they truly interact with fans everyday. If a fan tweets to them and says something along the lines of “Can’t wait for opening day!” The Cubs then reply with either a GIF or a meaningful tweet back. It makes the fans feel as if they are truly apart of the Cubs community. Another attribute is they constantly give behind the scenes sneak peaks and have the players interact with the Twitter. They also give out important information about time changes of a game, rain delays, or even TV broadcast schedules. They also keep track of roster moves and injuries every time something like that happens.

A thing I would change or do differently on their Twitter would be Questions and Answers with the Cubs players. Especially this time of the year in spring training, I would have a different player each day take over the Twitter for a half an hour or so and have fans tweet questions they want to ask that Cubs player that day. Overall I think this is a well ran Twitter, and in my opinion, the best in the MLB.


Handle: @cubs