A new campaign by Calvin Klein has caused quite an uproar online. Calvin Klein is featuring a new model that they are considering ground breaking. She is a plus size model… in their opinion.

The issue with the campaign is the model, Myla Dalbesio, is only a size ten. Considering a women who looks healthy, fit, and well taken care of as plus size is awful. To me, this online add campaign is a disgrace and down right degrading to all women. To be told that a woman who is a size ten is “plus sized” is awful. Calvin Klein going online to make this “ground breaking” announcement has made the Twitter-sphere blow up.some_text People have been criticizing Calvin Klein since the company decided to post this. In my opinion the way the Calvin Klein company has gone about announcing their new model wasn’t correct, although Myla is a beautiful woman that could of brought the company a lot more positive feedback than them calling her out as a plus size woman. I think that this is one of the worst social media campaigns I have ever seen.