Its quite obvious that the election of 2016 was, in my opinion, one of the most verbally aggressive elections of my time. Allowing the effects of social media to trickle itself in between political matters, forces us to wallow in the Twitter and other online drama; making this entire election almost unbearable. Normally Twitter and Instagram are full of interesting pictures, funny memes, and sharing thoughts and feelings with friends. During the election however, everywhere you looked politics managed to squeeze their hateful comments, bias opinions, and constant insults into something that was once harmless entertainment.

It’s been well-documented; Trump may very well have the most combative online presence of any candidate for president in modern history. At its core, Twitter is a messaging service allowing users (who can remain anonymous) to tweet out information, or opinions, or whatever, in 140-character bursts. For many critics, that DNA makes Twitter unable to sustain sophisticated, thoughtful political conversation. On one hand, allowing the presidential candidates to use social media as an outlet to inform their supporters of dates and times for press conferences and public appearances and what not is obviously useful for informative purposes. However, Trump’s tendency to tweet strictly out of anger or irritation, more or less as a “I’ll show you!” to anyone who spoke out against him, seemed to be a little bit more ineffective than what he originally intended it to be.

As a presidential candidate, wouldn’t your main goal be to bring the nation together as a whole? Wouldn’t tweeting bias and offensive things, causing certain groups of people to resent you, be something you would stray away from? Putting myself in the shoes of a potential presidential candidate, I would utilize social media as an outlet for expressing my plans on benefiting the nation as a WHOLE. Tweeting things such as ” Interesting how President Obama so haltingly said I “would never be president” – This from perhaps the worst president in U.S. history!” (Trump’s tweet from February 17, 2016), is accomplishing what exactly…?

Problem 1: speaking in a disrespectful manner concerning who was the current president at the time has nothing to do with benefiting the presidential candidate or have anything to do with the current election.

Problem 2: “….perhaps the worst President in U.S. history!”, is an opinion, not a fact.

Overall, I understand that social media is the new norm for sharing information and has taken over this generation, but when it comes to areas of importance such as politics, there should be boundaries. If I were to put myself in the shoes of Donald Trump, I would have kept my tweets as strictly information based, and strayed from controversial topics that were strictly opinion based with no factual proof to back it up.