Social media campaigns reach out to all different audiences, especially when they have an unexpected plot twist. In Newton, Connecticut a horrible occurrence struck a school called Sandy Hook Elementary.

School shootings and the death of a child are always difficult to read or hear about. Children’s lives are precious, and to have an act of violence such as this occur out of nowhere sends waves of shock throughout the country, no matter the location.

To send out awareness of these ever present but unfortunate events, the Sandy Hook Promise Organization put out a PSA called “Evan.” This video depicts a small story about how a teenage boy finds a secret admirer. After the story is completed and he meets his admirer, the story takes a turn and shows a completely different side then expected.

“Evan” was created to raise awareness about school shootings and gun violence and just how real they are. Although they seem to be unpredictable and unable to stop them, it is important to for schools to pay attention to their students and what they are up to. Paying attention to the small signs of struggling students is important. By paying attention to these details, future travesties may be prevented.

This is such a powerful way to convey this message. The fact that they are able to grab the audiences attention so effectively by performing this plot twist leaves a strong impact on the viewer and makes them concerned for the lives of future children and just how real this is in the world today. If I were to remake this PSA, I might add ways to prevent the way that children can be overlooked and what to do to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.