My younger self had a hard time grasping quantities; I would always hyperbolize and say thing like “gajillions,” and “infinite.” But what did that mean? Social media has billions of users, our world has trillions of people. How do we grasp this idea?

In Hebrew school, when my younger self was vulnerable and open minded, we watched this movie called “Paper Clips.” The main goal of the movie was to show kids what millions of an object looked like, to get them to better understand how many lives were lost in the Holocaust. Now, this shows a more melancholy approach to understanding quantities, but Twitter took a more light-hearted technique.


During the world cup in South Africa, they took all the tweets at that time and made it into confetti for the game. Coca Cola did it again for the Copa America for Argentina, to show just how much their fans love them. Fans seeking to make their favorite teams feel great, and boost their morale go to social media to make the team witness just how much love they have globally.

This is definitely a great way to prove just how many supporters teams have, and to show them that what they are doing is appreciated.

Occasionally, we forget about the extremity of people who have and use social media every day. For companies to take the extra step and shoe people just how many of others there are may perhaps be the only way we could begin to learn just how big out world is.