This class has opened up a world of knowledge and introduced another side of communication to me. I really think everything we have done in this class has been useful and beneficial to everyone in the class – whether you plan on going into writing or not. An aspect of this class that I really enjoy is that it teaches you all different types of communication and how to properly use them. I have really enjoy learning how to make a press release actually enjoy doing them. An activity I thought was very interesting was when we looked at different social media sites of companies and picked out the best ones. It was interesting to see who knew what they were doing and who didn’t. I also liked writing a commercial  prompt. I thought it was very interesting to do and realized how hard it must be to do that with new material all the time. It is cool to think that we had a say in the commercial that will air. Some things I don’t particularly enjoy and need to work on is writing these blogs. I wasn’t here for the first part of class so I probably missed the walk through but some things on here are very confusing. For the most part though, I think it is great. I really enjoy reading these posts and interacting with each other on here. This class has been very interesting to be thus far and look forward to the second half of it. some_text some_text