Professional. Writing. Matters. If that is one thing that I have taken from this class is that it matters.

Before this class, never did I think that writing short and simple was going to cut it. You were always taught to express your feelings in long, over exaggerating sentences, kind of like I am right now. LOL.  Sooner or later, I was taught that writing in short sentences was much more important. Getting your thought straight across from the beginning is also much more interesting than dragging it out.

I feel like throughout this class we have already learned new ideas that I did not even think that we would have learned.

Being able to express my own ideas and tell others about it, is pretty cool. Not too many people in college classes can say that they have had the opportunity to express their feelings in a writing class.

If I had to pick one thing in this class that has interested me the most, it would for sure be expressing your own opinion in short sentences. I’m glad that I have taken this class. I love being able to express my thoughts and opinions, and writing like a professional! Because we all know that writing like a professional is the way to go.