This semester has been very eye opening to me. It has been one of the busiest semesters I have ever had while attending the university. This class however has been very helpful and I feel that even though it has only been half a semester, I feel that I have improved on my writing ability and understanding as a whole. I found that the most interesting aspect of this semester was how to approach the audience and how to write to them so that you can connect and prove their point more clearly. I also found that it is important to talk in a voice that you would talk in as if you were talking in person to someone. You don’t need to write in a voice that makes you sound formal and very unlike yourself to a point where it just sounds silly and confusing to read.mac

Above I have included a picture of my macbook computer because I use it everyday and am constantly doing homework and projects that I barely have any time to sleep. Mac’s are a great tool for doing creative projects on such as writing or posting various blogs.