As the semester is progressing, Writing for the Media is becoming a very eye-opening class for me. I always enjoyed my composition classes in high school and considered myself a decent writer, but this class is showing me different ways to improve and elaborate on my skills.

One thing I’ve always struggled with is composing my thoughts and ideas in a way that transitions smoothly from one to the next. The inverted pyramid method has really helped me in that area since it gives me a specific outline to follow going from my most important information to my least important. Another area that I have always struggled with is trying to make my audience feel the emotions that I may be trying to express in my writing. The “This I Believe” essay has had a major impact on that and has allowed me to develop my own techniques with word choice, explanations and details to be more effective. Besides the writing methods that have helped me, I also enjoy most of the activities that we do in class. The day we had to write a media kit was slightly challenging because I had never written one before, but I know it will be beneficial for me to know in the future how to successfully promote and persuade people into whatever information I am promoting.

Overall, I think the semester is going very well and will hopefully result in me being a much better writer than what I originally thought I was at the beginning of the semester.