Writing Struggles

For me writing has always been a challenge. I don’t usually like writing when it’s for someone else’s purpose, so classes I must write in, I struggle in. Writing for the Media has been different for me. Yes, I still don’t have the best of relationship with writing, but it’s getting better. The freedom in this class is what makes it for me. No, our class isn’t all free writes, but we can make them our own.

Even with the discomfort of writing I have, I can’t say this class hasn’t made it easier. I have learned how to focus my writing towards my goal and my audience better. I have also learned how to use more visual words. These kinds of skills have not only helped me in this class, but also in other classes.

I personally can’t think of anything that I would change about this class. It’s fun and engaging. It may be heavy in writing, but the professor makes it simple. This class is a breeze compared to my others and I look forward to finishing out the semester.