Every year I run into the same problem.  Great big Easter basket wonderful carefully selected items.  Now how do I fit the items into a traditional basket?

Pottery Barn Kids Large Sabrina Basket

My baskets are large Sabrina Easter baskets from Pottery Barn Kids. On the surface these baskets appear massive. Where I run into trouble is the fluted shape means the flat surface of the basket (the bottom) is only 8 inches across. I have scoured the internet for useful tips. One would assume Martha Stewart or her staff would have some great ideas!  Alas I have not found any so I decided to share what works for me.

    1. Skip the “Easter Grass” unless you have a sparsely filled basket. Generally, it’s a mess and it usually goes unseen.
    2. Place sturdy boxes at the bottom.  This year it’s a box of legos, but could be a tiny art kit.  This builds up your base so items at the top sit higher and can be seen.  It also gives tall items a “foothold” so they don’t slide across.Easter Lego 2017
    3. Contain loose candies in another container, I placed one large plastic egg in the middle and filled it with candy.  The purpose of this is to keep your basket looking tidy and allows you to build vertically.  If you have a small basket get small eggs and fill them with candy.  You can then hide these around the house and save space in the basket while also creating a fun game!XL Egg
    4. Purchase small toys and candy that are tall and skinny.  Tall bubble wands are a nice choice or peeps.  You can go along the edge with these and they will stick out the top of the basket nicely.  PeepsBubble Wand
    5. Books and coloring books are a lovely addition to any basket.  Soft cover books will bend nicely around the edge the basket and give a clear back side.  With new adult coloring books even older kids can enjoy this classic.

Pusheen Coloring Book

  1. Finish off your basket with a Chick or Bunny.  It just doesn’t seem to be a basket without one.  If soft and fluffy isn’t your kids thing, buy the chocolate version.  Personally I have an addiction to Jellycat bunnies.  They are the softest stuffed animals I have ever found.

If you have a basket that is not a standard shape your options will differ. Say you have a shallow flat bottom basket. You will want to invest in perhaps a couple of egg containers for treats and consider buying items that can stand on their own for the back of the basket. This type of basket may also benefit from cellophane basket wrap.

If you are lucky enough to have a round basket that does not taper at the bottom you will not need a square in the bottom.  Soft cover books will still be a nice idea or books that are no wider than your basket.

Hope you have found my tips helpful.

Enjoy creating your perfect basket!