Writing has always been a part of my life. When I was a kid, I used to write about everything that I did or participated in. This class has allowed me to enhance my techniques and improve on each aspect of writing.

I was reading one of my class assignments for photography the other day, a book called Crusade for Your Art. This book was filled with insightful information about how to submit your pieces of work to galleries or all the preparation that goes into getting your work ready to submit. One of the big takeaways from reading this was it is essentially a “how to” book about writing artist statements, creating a personalized website, sizing and all other essential information about how to get your art out into the world.


While I was reading, I found the book describing many of the techniques that I have learned while taking this class, such as getting straight to the point when writing. This is very important when writing artist statements because readers are going to get distracted by large words that they have to stop and think about what the meaning might be. Readers will be intimidated by lengthy artist statements and possibly pass over the writing or even the exhibition because it does not seem interesting.

Crusade for Your Art has their own website which supports their mission which is to “engage new audiences with art.”