One of the greatest things someone could ever do would be to get a dog. Dogs are natural born companions, and are loyal as can be. My dog, Lola, is a trained therapy dog, and is capable of brightening anyone’s day. Even though obedience training is a time consuming pain in the neck, the payoff is priceless.

brittany puppy

In order to fully understand how much dogs can change your lives, lend me your ear. In the summer of 2013, I was pretty sad, not so far as clinically depressed, but there was definitely a somber vibe beaming off of my entire family and myself. After the loss of my cousin, Carlo, and my cousin Jeannie, it seemed as though nothing could go right for my family. We never interacted with each other, and were as distant as physically possible. That all changed once we met Lola. Lola was a difficult puppy, but the more consistently we began to train her, the more dramatic the results got. My family started to strengthen our familial ties, and everything just got better.

smiling brittany

I would wake up extra early in the morning, and go to bed extra late–just so I could see her cute little face, feel those razor sharp puppy teeth, and cuddle with my perfect little princess. The painfully tedious hours of obedience training, and being yelled at by the dog trainer was ruthless. But as Lola improved my mood, my health, and my overall quality of life, it all became worth it.

Just about four years later, Lola is a certified therapy dog who travels to nursing homes and hospitals to help everybody, not just me. Lola serves as a source of comfort for patients with cancer, dementia, and other life altering illnesses. Tonight, my mom shared a story of how Lola made some elderly woman with Alzheimer’s cry tears of joy, and claim that Lola made her day. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing that positive feedback, and knowing that it came from my hard work over the years. A dog’s smile touches more hearts than any human could ever try to.

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