Someone recently popped the question towards me – which do I prefer, Marvel or DC? I had to pause for a moment as I thought it over. Because each universe is so spectacular, it is a very tough answer. In the end, I had to go with the reply of “both,” simply because that was the truth. Looking at the cinematic universe is unfair at this point, as Marvel’s films far outnumber DC’s so I’ve just been looking at the comic verse.

When it comes to heroes, I had to cast my vote towards Marvel. When we look at the creator, Stan Lee, he found it was important to have well rounded heroes. Not just heroes with cool powers who always got the girl, but characters who had just as many flaws as good attributes. That is why we can see Tony Stark with his extreme case of narcissism, and Spiderman with all the complex emotions of a teenager. Marvel also tries to tie in the real world as much as possible as many of their heroes are set in New York, London, and places that at least sound real.

Not to say that Marvel doesn’t have it’s flaws.  Many would say that although Marvel has the best heroes, their stories are lacking. Marvel also runs into the issue of having almost to many characters. Sure you have the Avengers but in this same universe you are also supposed to have the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Blade, Inhumans and countless other heroes all smashed into one universe. No wonder they all had to have a civil war.


When it comes to DC, I would say its no contest that they have the better villains. Joker, Lex Luthor, Braniac are all legends when it comes to the comic book world. This makes for amazing stories and plot lines within the DC universe, such as the second Robin, Jason Todd, dying by the hand of the Joker, and Batman’s battle with himself over the loss of his companion, and internal conflict as he battles not to kill the Joker, as it goes against his moral code.

DC also has its flaws, though as it only more recently, within the last twenty years, started to develop their heroes more. DC established its characters as heroes first and then moved on to fleshing them out as people as later. Hence, they became living legends with fantastic adventures that shaped them into the characters we know.  DC tends to use their alternate universes to tell stories within their main universe. Marvel tends to allow their alternate universes to stand on their own to tell stories different from the main universe. Also, DC uses the several major realities: New-Earth, Earth-1, 2, and 3. Marvel uses a lot more alternate realities that aren’t always notable.

I’ve only named a few facts here but already you can probably start to see the struggle of just choosing one of these universes. If you would ask me who my favorite hero was I would probably name one from Marvel and DC. (Rogue and Barbara Gordon, if you were interested.) It isn’t wrong if you can’t decide between one or the other. They are both fictional universes and they both exist apart.