Basketball. Football. Soccer. Baseball. Tennis. Softball. All are included in the NAIA National Tournament that the NAIA puts on, IF they make it.

This year your 2016-17 Lady Cougar basketball team made it to the NAIA National Tournament. To do so, you have to be ranked top 25 in the country or win your conference title.
naia womens basketball

At the beginning of the year, we were predicted to finish seventh in the conference tourney, which would not send us to the national tournament. People overlooked us for several games. They overlooked us the entire year actually. Several times when we were up against an opponent, we were the under dogs every game. Come to find out, we beat them. We played Huntington University three different times this year and we beat them every time. Mind you, they were ranked every single time we played them and not one time did we get voted to move up in the rankings….. WEIRD. It was the same exact situation with Indiana Wesleyan. It was like a never ending process with us not receiving any votes.

The trip to Sioux City, Iowa was a trip that we will never forget. The experience was a one that not a lot of people can say that they have been on before. Seeing all the different teams from all over the country, meeting new people, watching different teams, and playing the game we all loved, was for sure worth it. I believe the biggest motivation we had was that everyone did not believe in us. No one besides about 15 people thought we could make it there. Those 15 people were the girls and coaching staff on our team.

I was always taught to dream far and big. If it is something that you want, then you can do it. You always have to work hard to get to where you want to be. NOTHING WILL EVER COME EASY.