You would think that with how advanced of a society we are, basic human rights and equality would be at the top of the list of concerns, right? Unfortunately, it’s actually a concern that’s being pushed under the rug instead. Slavery comes in many different forms, with many different names, and disrespects every basic human right that every human being on this earth is entitled to. The “END IT” movement campaign is taking the necessary steps to bring this horrible occurrence to an end.

END IT’s main goal is freedom for everyone. Each of their coalition partners focuses on awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration. In order for people all around the globe to be able to help, they must be properly educated in the facts and stats of the people and places being effected. What you don’t know may be disturbing; human trafficking is happening in 167 countries (87% of the nations), 55% of the victims of human and sex trafficking are women and children, and 1 in 5 of those women are under 18.

This form of slavery is still an epidemic because of the lack of knowledge people have on the topic, and the inability to understand the severity of the situation. To help you put this in perspective, can you imagine being captured? Controlled? Violated? Threatened? Put yourself in the shoes of someone around the world who experiences that every day, and ask yourself; What would I want someone to do to help me?