Three.. Two.. One.. and the buzzer sounds as a shot was made by Villanova player, Kris Jenkins. Just like that, the North Carolina Tar Heels lose the NCAA National Championship to Villanova. The number one seed Tar Heels battled hard through the NCAA tournament, to make it all the way to the championship. It was arguably one of the most devastating upsets in all of sport’s history. Just imagine being so close to something you worked hard for all your life, and you fall short.

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As an athlete, one of the biggest things we are taught is to overcome adversity. Our darkest moments in life are the moments that define us. The moment North Carolina came up short, they had a choice. They could hang their heads and feel sorry for themselves, or they can work hard to get back to the National Championship. The Tar Heels did just that. They came into the next season hungry for success. They started the season off rough, but got things together around tournament time. They heated up around tournament. The Tar Heels battled through the tournament to meet the number one seed Gonzaga. They worked hard, overcame adversity, and became the 2017 National NCAA Champions.