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If I was the commissioner of baseball, I would change a lot of things. I would start out with shortening the season. The season that is being played now is simply way too long and taxing on the players. To me, playing almost every day for about six months would absolutely drag as a player as well as the coaching staff. I would lose interest by July. I would have the season start at the beginning of April and have it end by Labor Day. With that being said, I would expand the playoffs immensely. There’s no way that only four teams should make the playoff from each league after that long and grueling of a season. I would start the playoffs after Labor Day and have eight teams from each league make the playoffs. They would play a best of three series until there were four teams left. Then from there on it would be a seven game series for the rest of the playoffs. I don’t mind the way they do it now through, I enjoy the wild card play in game. It gives a game seven feel instantly to the playoffs and gets people excited for what is to come the rest of the postseason.

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The next thing I would do is limit the amount of relief pitchers in each inning. Too many times managers just put in a pitcher for one batter and pull him instantly. While I am fine with this strategy, I don’t agree with doing it to every batter. I would have a limit of three pitchers per inning and after the sixth inning I would enforce the coaches that if they are making a mound visit they have to make a pitching change. Another thing I would enforce the pitchers to do is have them use the baseballs they are given. It annoys me so much when a pitcher gets a fresh new ball and then calls time and asks for a new one. It takes time and wastes money on a perfectly good baseball. I would also have a time clock for in between pitchers during the at bat.

I would also try to make the strike zone of umpires a lot more consistent. Too many times in the world series we saw inconsistent strike zones for the home plate umpires and it came back to hurt the teams a lot. I would try to have all umpires have the same strike zone so we can have more consistent calls. Also, when a manager calls for a challenge there should be a time limit on that. The umpires seem to take too long on close calls. If they cannot make a decision on a call within three minutes, then the call on the field should stand and they should get back to playing the game. The length of time spent trying to make these calls messes with the pitcher and the batter that is coming up next.