Today I am going to discuss a hot button topic.


(insert ominous music)

Even with great technological advancements in parking tools, few people seem to get this one right.  Sometimes it’s poor etiquette; others seem to believe they own the road.  Whatever the excuse, it drives reasonable people everywhere nuts and should be stopped.

The source of my frustration.

I love my residential neighborhood, it’s full of older homes, nice mature trees and good neighbors.  Until I have to drive through the neighborhood.  You see, many of my neighbors are mistaken about the purpose of the box attached to their house with the really large doors called a “garage”.  Garages are used as “storage” and driveways are often empty or contain perhaps one car.  The other family cars are left on the street.  I’m often confused by this, I sort of get not wanting to move one car to let out another.  But failing to use the driveway altogether, the mind reels.

I understand that some families have teenagers and more cars than driveway space. Where I get annoyed is the empty driveway crowded street problem.  You know the morning slalom in and around cars hoping another car isn’t about to come over the hill when I pass a parked vehicle.  Even worse when I am on my bicycle.

Sorry for the Lewis Black moment, it is just so frustrating.

Then there are the common parking issues that we have all been through.  How many times have you entered a crowded parking garage; with at least 6 spaces that are too narrow for a vehicle?  And you think if everyone parked within the lines we wouldn’t have these problems.  Some days I look at those tiny spaces and think “If I only drove a vespa!  I could park there.”

Alas, Vespas lack kid space let alone grocery and dog space.

Fear not frustrated drivers, there is an anonymous tool available, thanks to the clever people at knock knock.

So the next time you see a truck with duel exhaust that has been raised up to look like a monster truck.  

You can cite them for “driving an ego machine”, if you can reach the windshield. While it won’t solve the problem you will feel better.

What is your worst ever parking story?

Do you think you would use the citations?