Swinging. Jumping. Flying. Catching. Flipping. These are just a few terms that are used under the big top.


circus building

Usually people think of circuses that travel, have bearded ladies, giants, half ladies, have two heads, and trained lions. Pretty much freaks. I have heard it all. In my hometown, Peru, Indiana, there is nothing but farm land, a few small restaurants, a high school, some houses, and a circus. Weird, right? I know. Every time that I have to tell someone about my hometown and I mention the circus, it is like I just spoke jibberish to them.

The Peru Circus is filled with kids that range from the age of 5-21 that are performing. There various acts such as the flying trapeze, high wire that is not even an inch thick, tumbling acts, trampolines, and other advanced acts that require a lot of time and practice.

Growing up, I was highly involved with the circus, as were my mom and grandma when they were younger. Growing up in Peru, the circus was equivalent to pick up ball at the YMCA or the ball park. Almost everyone did it. It was normal to everyone to say, “yeah I was apart of the circus.” As when I moved to Fort Wayne and everyone just looked at you like you were a freak. We have acts that people are flying through the air, flipping on the ground, and even walking on a wire that is not even an inch wide. Seems almost impossible right? WRONG! We did it all.

There is much more to circus than just the flipping and flying through the air. You have to have the right costumes and makeup has to be on point. We would spend hours on hours making sure that our makeup was on point and A LOT of it.

Growing up in the circus has made me realize certain situations but as also made me lifelong friends. I am very fortune to say that I have been a part of something that not many has been apart of.