Ever since I was a young kid, I knew I wanted to go into the business world. Anything from cars to clothes really caught my eye and I was always interested in everything. Having my father as a car dealer really helped me to realize what a great thing owning your own business was and show respect to others while doing it. From an early age I was always taught about money and how to make a lot of it fast. Although car sales may or may not be what I want to do with the rest of my life, it has given me the expertise to take the knowledge into whatever part of the business world I go into and I am forever grateful for that.

A career choice of mine that really interests me is sports management.

sports management

I was always taught that no matter what goes on around you, sports will always be there and it will be your outlet for emotion and stress. That is one of the main reasons I chose to major in sports management here at Saint Francis. I think it is a rapidly growing industry and will definitely be there for a long time. I plan on working in the front office of a major or minor league professional team, no specific sport. I also plan to work my way up to the top and not be satisfied until I do. Although this is a tough thing to accomplish, the reward is worth it. But with that being said, as of right now that isn’t my dream job.

My dream job would be to take over my Dad’s New/Used car lot in Defiance Ohio someday. Ever since I could remember I dreamed about owning the car lot that he built from the ground up someday and make it my own. When I was little I had a ton of toy cars and set up a car lot in our great room and hours on hours I would play, selling the cars to make believe customers until my dad got home from work. I knew, and my Dad knew, this would be what I would do someday.