These past few weeks have been extremely stressful for me.

However, I have had the chance to create some awesome artwork for some of the different classes that I’m in. This past week for photography class our project was to create a concept and series of photos that involve the use of color powder in some sort of way.

Many artists nowadays are utilizing this material because of the interesting affects it has when thrown in the air or when it makes contact with

This image is just one of the many examples that uses color powder effectively. There are also many websites out there that can give the viewer a better idea of different uses of color powder. It gives a bright, dynamic feel to an image and captivates the audience as soon as it is viewed. A lot of times in photography there can be “happy accidents” which are areas of an image that turn out beautiful or interesting even though it wasn’t planned from the get go.

art These images can also be emotionally appealing to the viewer as well. For the image above it can give the viewer a sense of fear or anxiety because the smoke from the powder is giving off the affect that it is choking this person. There are just so many ways to add interest to your composition with this neat, vibrant powder.