It’s almost impossible to be confident with your body these days, when the image of the “perfect” body is constantly being pushed in every woman’s face. Diet plans advertised on TV imply that smaller is better, clothing stores only carry a certain amount of sizes, and photo-shopped images are all over social media. If women don’t start to advocate for body positivity and self care, the young women of the younger generation won’t know what it’s like to have any confidence in themselves.

Instead of young women being educated on what a natural, normal body looks like, they’re exposed to what plastic surgery and Photoshop looks like. Whether some women want to admit it or not, stretch marks, cellulite, and extra curves in certain places are completely natural and normal. The sad thing is, sometimes it’s not only men body shaming women, women can be just as guilty. Hearing people say, “Oh she’s way too skinny, eat a cheeseburger”, is JUST as horrible as saying, “She’s so fat, go on a diet.” Let people love themselves! Everyone has their own unique body type, the “perfect” body does not exist.

If you’re like me and struggle sometimes with your body image, make sure you’re practicing self-care every single day. Be kind to yourself. Instead of saying “my legs are huge and chubby” replace it with, “my legs are strong.” On the days you maybe don’t feel as pretty, tell yourself in the mirror, ” I am smart, I am strong and I am just as beautiful today as I was yesterday.” Perfect does NOT exist, so stop comparing yourself.